Koolman,Coolman, ten Cate van Coolman and ten Doornkaat Koolman

The genealogy study into the families, Koolman, ten Doornkaat Koolman, Coolman, ten Cate van Coolman, Hoving, Zomering and Schelts van Kloosterhuis has been done by Walter Koolman. These families have all the same ancestor, called Meerten Ebels. The birth and the year of dead of Meerten Ebels are so far unknown. Supposedly his birth has been around 1570. The house or exact spot of Meerten Ebels living place seems to be found at a place called Meeden. The family belonged to the religion, baptism/ Mennonite. The Offspring of Meerten Eebels has taken several family names in the course of time to. The original family name "Koolman" out the line of Foppo Mertens (son of Meerten Eebels) emerged in the old marriage settlement of 1788 between Hendrik Olfert (Koolman) and Abeltje Jacobs van Calcar. Also in the baptism-disposed baptism books from a place called Leermens of the year 1756, the name Koolman was already used by the families who writes now the name with a C. Also writing Mr. J. Huizinga (writer of line register of the family genealogy, produced in 1887, of the Koolman/Coolman etc.) on what  the line name already becomes for 1780 written. He refers to a painted portrait of Uko Fiepkes, born in 1722, below on the painted portrait written the name carried Uke Fiepkes Coolman, according to insurance of his granddaughter. Most of the offspring of Foppo Mertens has the family names Koolman or Coolman as a family name. What the name concerns origin, loudly a commonly forgotten tale from the eighteenth century that by derision surround: When they were looking for people , on the country to press them to military, drawer or other public services, so the head of the family did not want to cooperate with that. So he thought he had found a temporarily shelter  in its court, among its cabbage or kale (Dutch = Boerenkool). when he thougt the danger of  discovery was ended, he raised his head. But he was seen, and with massive releve and joy was shouted : we have the cabbage man! (Kool man). A name which kept following him initially in popular of the conversations, and so that name became related to them and the family. Later this as humiliation it was no longer seen, so that the name Koolman or Coolman was also gladly taken as family name by the offspring. Where this has taken place or in which place is not known. The tale indicates to a turbulent area in time. Truh or not, it remains a nice tale that from generation to generation was passed on, until it in forgetting ended up. The families are very well-being before 1800 and were notorious by their controversial call conceptions, to speak about a couple names: Uke Walles and Fiepke Olferts (Koolman). Also the family has been known by their family company such as Dutch gin-distillery (Koolman company) which  later continued in Germany by the family ten Doornkaat Koolman. Also the family was richly represents as a farmer at the country of province of Groninger (Netherlands). During the search for my family I have been  in contact with distant relations several times wich carried as there last name, Koolman and Coolman in the Netherlands. Some  information also came from Germany and the USA, of both family’s, ten Doornkaat Koolman and the family Koolman. I have to thank the living families from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA, because without the help of so many people throug these many diverend  ways this certainly had not come about. I will not reveal  the complete pedigree by means of Internet on my web site, but only a small part of my direct family line. The rest is on application available, and for free receive. For this you can provide me of your family information back to the year 1900.

Doornkaat Koolman